Faster Than Light adventures

-S. Find, the captain, master dodge rate. Hitting our ship was a lucky shot!
-C. Flash, the weapons guy, master recharge rate. Is it ready to fi-YES.
-Aussie M., the shields guy, by the next shot they fired, our shield was back up already.
-And some Mantis alien dude, he was great at the engines, helping with the dodging, but he died to some crazy ex-pilot we found lost on a planet and I decided to bring aboard… I thought we might use another hand, I mean, he didn’t seem -that- crazy at the time… oops~

Crew: Intruders detected! We’re outgunned! We’re gonna die!! Game over man, game over! Continue reading

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And this, ladroids and robotsmen, is how you teach!

DrTechniko - Making kids literate in technology

Last Sunday, I taught six kids of ages 5 to 7 how to program. “In what programming language?” you may ask. Well…I didn’t use a programming language, at least none that you know of. In fact, I didn’t even use a computer. Instead, I devised a game called “How To Train Your Robot”. Before I explain how the game works, let me tell my motivation.

I learned how to program during my freshman year at MIT when I was 19. It’s not because I didn’t have a computer at home or I hadn’t heard about programming languages. It was because (a) I thought programming was boring and (b) no one had told me why I should bother. In fact, my computer teacher in high school had told me “you don’t need to waste your time learning how to program. Now we have visual tools to build programs. Programming languages are…

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New Year’s Explosions Observations

While observing from outside, I saw a rather curious view of your planet. It was all bright and colorful, and created a huge smokescreen, actually blocking my view (gee thanks for that). For humans, I thought it was surprisingly coordinated. From timezone to timezone, everytime a meridian got near 0:00h lots of colored explosives were fired.

So… humans, why are you firing against your own atmosphere? Isn’t that a bit dangerous? Not to mention illogical? Like you’d say: STUPID? (is that the right word?)

Maybe it’s a cultural thing, “Fire when the sun is on the other side” or something. But don’t you have lots of different cultures? (that kind of hate each other, so collaboration would sound weird)

Also, aren’t you divided by irregular frontiers? So why the sudden collaboration and timing? (even though I have to note: the firings were more consistent with frontiers than with meridians, which makes my “sun relation” theory kind of odd)

Well, it’s just one more thing I’d like to understand about you. What a fascinating species.

…dumb, really dumb, but fascinating.

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岸田教団&The明星ロケッツ – SuperSonicSpeedStar

More Kishida Kyoudan & The Akeboshi Rockets because HELL YEAH!

  • Song: SuperSonicSpeedStar
  • Artist: 岸田教団&The明星ロケッツ
  • Album: 幻想事変
  • Vocal: Ichigo
  • Lyrics: Kanji-less, Romaji

“Kanji-less” lyrics:

Continue reading

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Brunch – Imagine

Imagine, by the indie Korean band Brunch, is a sort of “response” or follow-up to John Lennon’s Imagine. Updating him on what’s happening.

Great song. John imagined, Brunch responded.

This song was featured in the last part of the Korean series “There She Is!!“, by SamBakZa. Which talks about prejudice with cats and bunnies. Short and awesome! There’s no dialog, so don’t worry if you don’t speak Korean. Watch it!

Here’s the link to part 1: There She Is!! First Step

I still don’t have the full Korean lyrics, only the There She Is!! Final Step cut. If you have them, please help! (I do have the full translations though… weird huh?)

Korean lyrics

John 아직도 이곳은 자신을 위해 싸우곤 하죠
John 당신이 말하던 꿈의 낙원이 이뤄질 까요

당신이 꿈꾸던 그곳 Continue reading

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岸田教団&The明星ロケッツ – ただ凛として

This time I found the lyrics in japanese, so I only have to rewrite it ^^

Original Japanese lyrics:

Song:  ただ凛として
Artist: 岸田教団&The明星ロケッツ
Album: 星空ロジック~Starry Sky Logic~

黒いリボンが揺れてた 風凪の中で
猫のようなひとみで 君は笑いかける
小さな 思い出は 今は遠い空へ
明日が 来るまでは 全て忘れていよう Continue reading

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王族BAND – Einsatz

Since there’s no lyrics for this song ANYWHERE, better make them myself 🙂

I’m no good with japanese, so if you want to fix something, please leave a comment!

Ouzoku Band – Einsatz

かたりかけるひとりじゃないと Continue reading

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